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Operation of the mold gradually showing

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In a highly competitive market environment, according to analysts understanding. China's mold production and business trends emerged pyramid phenomenon. Our on Mould Industrial production is still to be improved, but what is the reason for this development is hindered it?

First, hardware and tools industry leader with initiatives by not strong. Hardware and tools industry, pioneering tools leading backbone enterprises in the skills of the foreign markets, industry strengths overall competitiveness is not clear;

Second, the skills to weak innovation, hardware and tools industry to identify only Hangzhou Jiande Municipal skills (development) center of gravity 1 and 3;

Third, the market structure is too simple. Mould production of important business comes from foreign orders, export dependence is too high, under the impact of the economic crisis triggered by the international financial crisis, the sharp contraction in export markets, has been formed to carry out a serious life threatening; Fourth, brand building is definitely lagging behind. Hardware Tools large local enterprises rely on OEM consumption, lack of visibility and core competitiveness. Fifth, the lack of a common platform to serve. Even with hardware and tools industry associations, industry self-regulation, but still difficult, the focus of the role of industry associations develop still difficult. Problems found, and how to do? Targeted for planning production, so that can only produce at higher quality tungsten steel parts! It is understood that self-occupied Asian countries has been the main form of mold production operations, the company is also based on fragmented medium and small enterprises. With the rapid development of China's mold industry, our business has gradually mold showing the five characteristics.

1, very meticulous division of labor and specialization. Die operating system presents a pyramid organization have sizable mold factory has quite meticulous division of labor and professional. Each manufacturer has its various departments subdivision.

2. Cash doctrine. From a financial perspective, does not pay attention to long-term benefits for short-term benefits. Do not pay attention to quality and service to establish long-term benefits, only pay attention to the order price level, how much profit, low-cost materials and mold construction pursuit of greater profits. In Japan, after the acceptance of a payment, the deposit must be delivered in China. Of course, the conditions of payment may also be due to changes in the competitive environment changes.

3, strong investment in equipment desire, a lot of mold factory in China in the absence of orders, but also to expand the scale of investment, according to the needs of children are not expanding, but the condition can provoke with the user, which is completely different from the Japanese mold business ideas.

4, but the technology is not to cultivate buy. With good equipment not mastered the appropriate techniques of skilled workers and can not get good benefits, nurture talent takes time, it is better to buy more convenient.

5, the mold rigor. To die in the cause of the lack of manufacturing very cautious attitude, shape, meet the requirements of accuracy how many of these glitches, even after treatment can also be solved, as long as the total cost beneficial, do not pursue higher requirements.



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