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Domestic mold manufacturing

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In recent years, due to the continuous increase productivity and production requirements of the mold manufacturing also put forward higher requirements. Thus, the domestic mold manufacturing based on existing technology research and development should be accelerated in order to meet market demand.

China's cheap labor cost advantage and overall good momentum of sustained and rapid economic development, China's mold industry to bring a good development prospects, projected to 2018, China became one of the world's largest mold manufacturing base.

Over the years in the mold industry continues to progress, prompting the emergence of a large number of leading companies, such as automotive panel die there, "four people", the mold industry has more than 100 enterprises have been awarded the "China Die & Mould Industry" title; in the industrial layout China's mold industry is moving from the more developed Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the northern extension to the mainland, there are some new molds produce relatively concentrated areas.

More importantly, China's mold industry is not only massive, but also more and more abundant grade, large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life molds for die proportion of high-level representatives reached more than 35%. "International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold, said the current overall level of China's mold industry is still lagging behind the international advanced level, die mold output still can not meet the market demand, domestic mold on the market to meet the rate of less than 80%, especially die-tech in high-grade mold, to meet the rate of less than 60%. China's mold industry should vigorously develop advanced science and technology, widening the scope of application of technology, and timely advanced technology into the mold productivity to meet the country's growing mold market demand, and promote the rapid development of China's economy and growth.

The past two years, China's Mould market momentum to the good, the hardware industry has become an important field of stimulating consumption and increase economic growth points. At this stage of China's mold industry is mainly low-end products, high-end products and key components have not yet achieved domestically.

China Mould market prospects, the rapid development of metal mold industry, regardless of the number of products or production scale has leap improvement and development, sales and exports growing mold. However, China's huge consumer market continues to attract the attention of foreign metal mold enterprises, more and more multinationals Mould appeared on the Chinese market.

"Our Mould industry both to play as the foundation of the advantages of traditional industries, but also continue to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, improve the market competitiveness of high-end products, the early realization of the transformation from labor-intensive to technology-intensive industries, shortening and International Mould Industry gap advanced level. "international Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold, said the products of traditional industries is necessary for daily living and production, new industries are mostly relying on traditional industries to develop. China's mold industry will have the advantage of such a foundation.

However, with the development of the times, the times of traditional industries need to carry out industrial restructuring and seek new development, there is no backward industries, only backward mode of production. Mould enterprises should enhance creativity, cultivate the formation of professional R & D team to develop high-end product development technology, the early realization of the localization of high-end products; optimizing the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading; the development of industrial clusters, industry groups to enhance competitive advantage; solid domestic market actively explore foreign markets.

Development Mould industry matures today, how to make the industry has a sustainable productivity and competitiveness, industry development, corporate survival must think about. In the fierce market competition at home and abroad, the metal mold industry should maintain its own advantages, continue to break through the bottleneck, so seize the initiative in the market right to speak and to achieve sustainable development.



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