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Commentary raw melamine tableware

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Now a healthy diet has become increasingly concerned about the topic, then the choice of dishes is also more cautious about how much melamine tableware you understand it? May be more familiar dishes are ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, etc., many people know little about melamine tableware, melamine tableware raw commentary on today hoping a solution for everyone confused.

Also known as melamine tableware melamine tableware, melamine tableware, it is an international popular new tableware, has been listed, with its non-toxic and tasteless, not broken, no deformation, impact resistance, acid and other features by the people's favorite, has been widely used in food and beverage industries.

Melamine tableware raw commentary. Melamine tableware melamine resin powder is made of die-casting mold is heated, it uses the raw material points A1, A3 material, A5 material. A1 containing material that is 30% melamine resin, and another 70% ingredients of additives, starch, etc., this material produced tableware Although melamine containing certain ingredients, but it has the properties of the plastic, toxic, temperature poor, and volatility, gloss is very poor, the difference is very obvious.

Melamine tableware raw material explanation --A3 melamine resin containing 70%, while 30% of the ingredients are additives, starch, etc., to A3 material produced tableware in appearance and color above material is little difference with the A5, many people may have just started can not be seen, but the raw materials to produce tableware A3 by using a long period of time can clearly see that it is easy to change color, fade, deformation at high temperature and other shortcomings, A3 inexpensive raw materials than the A5, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers use these raw materials to produce tableware, acting as genuine, so when consumers buy utensils must be careful.

Commentary --A5 raw material melamine tableware is 100% melamine resin, using A5 raw materials to produce melamine tableware dinnerware is pure, it is characterized by very clear, non-toxic, tasteless, and lightweight insulation, ceramic luster, but more than ceramics bump-resistant, unbreakable, and attractive appearance, temperature range between -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, so it is widely used in the food and daily life.


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